Hi! My name is Jessica Parks (formerly Lankford), follower of Christ, wife of Jimmy, and “mama” to two dogs, Charlie and Bo. I recently earned a master’s degree from Houston Baptist University where I studied Biblical Languages and linguistics.  I also completed my bachelor’s degree in Biblical Languages in 2007. I am hoping to follow up my master’s degree with a PhD, the end result being to teach in a university and overseas in Africa.

I am a self-proclaimed language nerd, and I am (joyfully!) married to one as well. More recently, I am interested in Septuagint studies, early Christianity and patristics, and gender issues.

Most of my time is spent working on Greek and Hebrew and learning about linguistics, grammar, and syntax.  Outside of school, I enjoy studying gender issues in early Christianity and the church today, as well as becoming acquainted with the writings of the early church fathers and desert mothers.

I used to sing and play guitar, as well as write songs, but not so much now.  I still love music, especially when lead by a Kenyan sister or brother.

Above all, I love Jesus and seek to follow him with every new day.  God is good, wise, and sovereign. Amen!


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