HBU’s Dr. Jerry Walls On Hell…

Jerry Walls, professor of philosophy at Houston Baptist University (my home turf!), will be answering questions on the topic of hell over at Rachel Held Evan’s blog. Her “Ask a…” series is one of my favorite things in the blogosphere so be sure to check it out. It’s a great avenue for asking questions and getting different perspectives on theological topics from all sorts of folks.  Here’s a snippet from Rachel’s blog introducing Walls:

“Jerry holds a traditional view of hell in the sense that he believes hell is a place of conscious, eternal misery. But he says he agrees with C.S. Lewis’ famous line that ‘the doors of hell are locked on the inside.’  So it is the persistent refusal to repent, and accept God’s grace and love that keeps hell going, not His determination to keep sinners there against their will.  His view is a modification of the traditional view in the sense that he believes God always welcomes sincere repentance, even after death.  Unfortunately, he says, some will never exercise that option.”

You can check out more posts in Rachel’s “Ask a…” series here.


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