United In The Spirit…

The more I read Cyril, the more I think, “I really like this dude.”

Cyril of Alexandria on the Holy Spirit and unity within the Church:

“All of us who have received the one and the same Spirit, that is, the Holy Spirit, are in a sense merged together with one another and with God.  For if Christ, together with the Spirit of the Father and himself, comes to dwell in each one of us, even though there are many of us, then it follows that the Spirit is still one and undivided.  He binds together the spirit of each and every one of us […] and makes us all appear as one in him.  For just as the power of the holy flesh of Christ united those in who it dwells into one body, I think that, in much the same way, the one and undivided Spirit of God, who dwells in us all, leads us all into spiritual unity.”*


*Quote taken from The Christian Theology Reader, edited by Alister McGrath


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