Practicing the Presence of God…

I forgot how much time blogging took… finding something interesting to write about, meditating and mulling over said interesting something, writing out these thoughts, proofreading… I am not as apt a blogger as I used to be!  But I am hoping to get back into a regular schedule of blogging, it just might take me a while.  So hang in there dear readers!

A few days ago I started reading a copy of Practicing His Presence I got from a friend.  This copy has Brother Lawrence’s ever-popular The Practice of the Presence of God, but it also has letters from Frank Laubach of the twentieth century who also wrote on practicing God’s presence.

I just finished up Frank Laubach’s section which contains letters from 1930 to 1931 on his “experiment” to think of Christ every hour of the day.  I have really enjoyed reading through this little book and am taking on the challenge myself to practice God’s presence, to think of Christ at every moment.

I have been quoting Laubach on Twitter like crazy the past few days, but this is probably my favorite quote from him:

I resolve to accept each situation of this year as God’s layout for that hour, and never to lament that it is a very commonplace or disappointing task.  One can pour something divine into every situation. (p.28)

I am trying to keep this particular point in mind, especially as I begin this work week and I am faced with the usual piles of paperwork, faxes, and other things that don’t easily lend themselves to encounters with God, and especially because I’d rather be at my desk working on Greek and Hebrew and reading all day.

My hope is that in seeking Christ at every moment, and learning this discipline, I might find more contentment in my circumstances than I did before.


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