Back to Blogging…

I haven’t been a serious blogger in quite some time.  Oh, have I missed it!  The writing, I miss the writing.  And so, I am hoping to brush up on my writing through this new blog.  I am currently working on a few things that I hope to post soon.  Here are some topics I hope to touch on in the near future–this is what is currently rattling through my brain:

  • A series on the importance of the Biblical Languages, for the leader, the layperson, and the church
  • Female voices from early Christianity
  • The Song of Deborah (Judges 5): a look at the Hebrew and Greek texts
  • Thoughts on The Shepherd of Hermas (I’ll be reading through this text over the summer)
  • Gender issues in the early church
  • Women in ministry
  • The authority of Scripture, canon, inerrancy, and biblicism
  • Patristics
  • The possibility of a PhD
  • And who knows what else!

Stay tuned…


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